Kernel 3.10 ipv4 performance


You have here for 3.10 kernel the performance on lo ( via iperf of different hardware:

  • Fit pc1 Geode lx800 @500Mhz: 828Mbits/sec, 1.6Mbits/sec/MHz
  • Cubox-i4 pro, iMX6 quad @1000MHz: 2.16Gbits/sec, 2.16Mbits/sec/MHz
  • Fit pc2, Intel Atom z530 @1600MHz: 3.05Gbits/sec, 1.9Mbits/sec/MHz
  • Intel Haswell Core i5-4670 @3400MHz: 36.7Gbits/sec, 10.8Mbits/sec/MHz
  • Intel Core2Duo P8600 @2400MHz: 3.79Gbits/sec, 1.6Mbits/sec/MHz

Note: ARM need of of optimisation in kernel and in compiler to be exploited.

Have good day.

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