Benchmark for CatchChallenger cache

I have finish implement cache into HPS to reduce memory at server startup and startup time for server and client (usefull for phone or where the CPU is slow)

EDIT: How do the cache sync with datapack:

  • Scan at startup the datapack, create checksum, if checksum match the cache then load the cache. Problem: it’s slow mostly on slow disk and FS because need access to all inode, can greatly slow down the cache
  • Never check the datapack change, regen the cache manually. More performance, but not adapted to everyone. Need be intergrate where you update your datapack
CatchChallenger binary datapack size (datpack file cache * is not used if http mirror enabled), map can be stored into quadtree to improve the sapce used at exchange of more cache miss
The datapack load time is better, but can be improved even more
Memory is few bit better, but can be optimized


  • Load single file, not multiple, less pressure on file system
  • No decoding file format, it’s only unserialize
  • No decoding value from string to int
  • No endian change
  • Only used information is kept, no useless data is loaded

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