Easy Miner

Easy Miner is simplied client to generate bitcoin with your prefered pool.

For now just for bitminter. But on query for other pool. You can give for your client pool to mine one on pool on 2 step (download and put the login/worker info).

EasyMiner login
EasyMiner login
EasyMiner main window
EasyMiner main window using the french translation
EasyMiner systray
EasyMiner minimized into the systray


















If you like that’s or you will use it for your pool, donate: 1AthBNQdw3Lva92EJCGYD7C8fiac9c4CLw

You have the code un GPL3: https://github.com/alphaonex86/EasyMiner

The stand-alone easy miner or the easy miner installer.

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