Mimic UDP with TCP


My problem was: I have a game (CatchChallenger), I need update the player position on other player, but if newer data is here, not send the old data. Not send all vector change (pos + direction). But my game is in TCP.

Put the socket buffer to small size, if you do it into:

  • Async: when EEGAIN receive, store the last pos into buffer with method: last data override the content, when you don’t have EEGAIN you can start send the buffer
  • Sync: You need use thread, it’s same method as above, but you don’t use EEGAIN, just: bool eegain=true;write(data);eegain=false;

As this you have: packet in writing (then can’t change), X dropped data due to wait of writing buffer free, and the last pos send. Exactly as UDP, but with the TCP advantage as packet order (and the small tcp packet overhead)

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