Datacenter in bolivia (santa cruz)


I can setup datacenter in bolivia santa cruz, tell me if you are interrested. Is very usefull to have low latency in bolivia.

The hardware configuration (by bulk):

  • Dual/Quad, 2GB DDR3, 16GB SD (10$/month, installation 60$) with storage extention SSD/HDD at the price of it
  • Octa core CPU, 2GB DDR3, 32GB SD (15$/month, installation 150$)
  • 48 Core, 128GB DDR4, 240GB SSD or 3TB HDD (50$/month, installation 1200$)
  • More hardware is available on ask. Add the hardware cost to the installation cost.
The connexion:
  • 50KB/s, 512Kbps, with rendudency in option (25$/month)
The server is lxc container instance, you can be alone on your hardware, or shared with other to have lower cost.
In case of bulk command, we can have lower cost (mostly on internet part).

Cotas LTDA + ntp


ntp is dropped from Cotas LTDA in bolivia. Then I have used the ntp on the first router after my gateway to sync my. On no informations. For cotas cable modem I use, for general cotas user, you can try:,, or the dns server found into your modem config.