Odroid u3


How to

Cut one wire of power source, connect your 2 wire of you ampermetter to the 2 part of one wire, take care to be in 10A mode to don’t burn the fuse.


Here you have the power consumption on 5V line (then without the adaptador power, I have used an DT-830B):

4 thread: 1.42A, 7.1W
1 thread: 0.75A, 3.75W
0 thread: 0.58A, 2.9W
99°C max temp

USB not work, then my usb joystick not work, 100% at all time.

It’s just crazy in fonction of ubuntu server:

4 thread: 1.20A->1.46A, grow slowly and after is random: 6-7.3W
1 thread: 0.48A, 2.4W
0 thread: 0.29A, 1.45W
85°C max temp

Only use micro SD card, network (1000Mbps), no thing more. No HDMI, no sound, …