Bluesun is a scam

I have buy 20KW full kit. I hqve try contact Bluesun for solution during years.

– Shipment was a total mess (month, 30days+ lost to fix the shipment, shipped into another country)

– MPPT is buggy and need to be converted to PWM to work (disconnecting poor quality ampere sensors)

– Inverter is buggy (shutdown with error: low battery when the battery is at 90%-100%)

– I have try lot of time found solution with bluesun, no solution, no partial refund.

– Lie on characteristic (inverter is not 95% efficiency, …)

I have buy after 2 years Victron, very better, no bug, do the jobs, show the info if you have the module.

Don’t buy Bluesun. Buy Victron.